Monday, 2 April 2018


This a first rough prototype for a Yanmaodao, ready for stage is to send it off for independent assessment and testing.

It is made of hickory, it has a 29" blade (74cm), and it weighs approx 650g. The grip size was taken from an antique YMD. There are no internal balancing weights, but the guard is fixed in place with an internal metal pin.

Balance and handling are good. As one would expect, it is fairly agile, and behaves more like a jian than a liuyedao.

Overall length is 36" (92cm)

Raised tip with backedge

Transitional style hilt and pommel
The grip on this yanmaodao is about the maximum length that one might find on an antique. When I come to design a heavier version YMD with internal weighting, the grip will be slightly shorter.

For more info about the characteristics of yanmaodao, please see Philip Tom's excellent article on the subject:

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